„Small Talk“:  April 2018 – December 2019
Performance-project for global fairness and Fairtrade

 Hello to everybody who wants to take a stand for global fairness and the idea of Fair Trade and who loves dance and music.

You have the power to change
the world.

Since march 2018 there is our Fairtrade Song „Small Talk“. Until December 2019 we want to bring „Small Talk“ around the world and with that connect the song to dance and performance.

For a fair and solidary world

Together with you we want to set an example:
For a fair and solidary world.
Join us! Wherever you live.
In Europe, Africa, America, Asia or Australia.

Your „Small Talk“ performance

Organize your performance to the song „Small Talk“
– Use the dance choreography from our website (still in progress)
– Create your own dance choreographie or sing the lyrics to „Small talk“.

Make a video of your performance.

Send your video as well as info and  project photos (e.g. via WeTransfer) to: mail@smalltalk-fairtrade.com.

We will then post your video along with your info to our YouTube channel as well as our website and connect it with the worldmap you can find there. (Website still in progress).

Do you have a project that is connected to Fairtrade or global fairness? We would love to share it.

Our Project is still in Progress

We have just started our project.
So there are still some things to do:
This site will be the platform to report about all performances that will take place.
Dance performance
We will create a dance-performance for „Small Talk“

Do You want to start now?

You already have the opportunity and idea for your
„Small Talk“ performance? Don’t hesitate to start.

Contact us, (mail@smalltalk-fairtrade.com).
We will give you all the support you need.


The Song „Small Talk“

In August 2018, we started a Fairtrade videoproject with the Fairtrade-Town Gröbenzell / Germany.
For this Project, Tonio Geugelin and MONKÉ wrote the Song „Small Talk“.

„Small Talk“
Instrumental Version

„Small Talk“ Video
Fairtrade Town Gröbenzell


„Small Talk“

Verse 1

It ain’t fair when you work hard
Don’t get enough bucks toiling
From the morning till the dark
You gotta spend your money smart
Send it to the right place
You gotta listen to your heart

Verse 2
Seriously, do you know
What you get
When you go
To the mall
Do you really think that you’re smart?
Do you actually know what’s going on behind closed doors don’t treat them wrong
I think you don’t
But there’s a chance that you do
When you don’t have a clue
Listen up to the truth
Do you actually know what’s going on behind closed doors don’t treat them wrong

You have the power to change the world
So that every boy and girl can smile
You see the world and realize
Your decisions bring the light we need

Verse 3
Every day I wake up
Just living my life in a loop
But I gotta wake up
I gotta wake up
My first reaction was
I didn’t know that
But then I realized
We live a life full of lies
Everything comes at a price
Even rice
Do you actually know what’s going on behind closed doors don’t treat them wrong
Do you actually know what’s going on behind closed doors don’t treat them wrong

Chorus (repeated)

Artists for global fairness and fairtrade

We are three young artists from Arnhem / The Netherlands. Music, dance and film are our medium to express emotions as empathy, solidarity and humanity.

With this project we want to support the idea of Fair Trade and therefore make our contribution towards fairer solutions and equity.

Our project partners are the Fairtrade Town Gröbenzell and Agenda 21 Fürstenfeldbruck (Germany).

Our goal:
From 01.April 2018 – 31.December 2019 we want to publish as many „Small Talk“ performances on our website as possible.

Our vision:
An international network of people, who love music and dance and take a stand for a fair and solidary togetherness.